Durlach Industries, Inc., Stair Builders, Palmetto, FL

About Us

The Durlach system is a hydraulic stair-forming machine with adjustable controls. This allows us to manufacture stairs with combinations of infinitely variable riser/tread ratios. The form can cast the treads and landings in one step, allowing the architect and engineer more flexibility in their designs. Durlach’s flexibility provides the builder a faster, cleaner and more accurate and cost efficient set of finished precast concrete stairs. The stairs are positioned into place by a crane, which allows immediate access on site. Durlach stairs and landings save the builder time and money which will help speed construction.


Klaus Durlach was born and raised in Rastatt, Germany. In 1980, Klaus started his career in his family’s business, Durlach GmbH, where he learned the trade of a mason and concrete craftsman. After the apprenticeship, Klaus kept working for his father as the foreman of Durlach GmbH. In 1989, Klaus went to the University of Constance in order to get his Master’s degree in Masonry/Concrete Technology. Thereafter, he became a partner in the family business and continued working as a construction manager. Durlach GmbH expanded to Florida in 1996 and formed the independent company of Durlach Industries, Inc. In 1998, Klaus took sole ownership of Durlach Industries, Inc. and became a certified General Contractor, while his brother Joachim took charge of the German operations of Durlach GmbH. In the year 2000, Durlach Industries, Inc., built its first manufacturing plant in Bradenton, where it produced precast stairs until the new plant in Palmetto was constructed in 2019 and all operation was moved there upon completion. The new plant is twice the size of the previous one and also has a concrete mixer.